Melton Lake Greenway

Melton Lake Greenway

Melton Lake Greenway

The Melton Lake Greenway borders a diverse ecological environment. Alive with abundant wildlife along its 5 miles length, the multi-use trail features lakefront access, forested terrain and wetland areas.

Providing full services for a successful project, CCI began with topographic and boundary survey along the entire Phase 2 route (2 miles) developing legal exhibits where necessary for property acquisition. 

Following the initial field survey work, CCI developed design and construction documents and provided Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) for the Melton Lake Greenway Trail. The project included a vehicular parking area designed to ADA standards and recreational/leisure access nodes including the popular non-motorized off-road Haw Ridge Park.


Oak Ridge, TN




Pedestrian Facilities

Field Surveying

Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI)

Topographic Surveys

Transportation & Traffic

Boundary Survey

Construction Phase Services

Route Surveys


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