Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart Cathedral

Cannon & Cannon, Inc. (CCI) partnered with BarberMcMurry Architects (BMA) to provide design plans and specifications for 20-acre proposed site. The project included site layout, parking with 441 spaces, grading and drainage, water quantity and quality calculations, erosion prevention/sediment control, utility service relocation and hydrologic floodway study.

Fourth Creek’s streambanks were eroding due to flooding and high velocities. CCI provided a stream stabilization plan that reduced the stream velocities, stabilized stream banks and not impacting the adjacent Northshore Drive. The design provides measures to maintain water quality and protect the integrity of Fourth Creek – such as installing a three-sided concrete arch while utilizing the existing stream bed. Also, nutrient separating baffle boxes were installed to provide additional water quality for the surface runoff  prior to entering Fourth Creek.

Due to the proposed cathedral, parking and site improvements, additional impervious area was added to the project site. The impervious surface area contributes to extra surface stormwater runoff . In order to meet the City of Knoxville’s stormwater ordinance, the additional stormwater and bridges shall not raise the water surface elevation of Fourth Creek for the peak storm events.


Knoxville, TN




20 acre




Engineering Design


Civil Engineering

Civil Site

Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Design

Cannon & Cannon, Inc. shared in the responsibility of dealing with these difficulties, and our relationship significantly minimized the challenges faced with this project. They are a specialized engineering firm with highly capable staff who can take on the most complicated projects effectively. Fr. David Boettner

Rev. David A. Boettner, V.G.

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