Simpson Road Improvements

Simpson Road Improvements

Simpson Road Improvements

Cannon and Cannon is providing Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) services related to the construction of improvements to Simpson Road, adding additional lane width.

The road segment is approximately 3,500 feet in length and commences at Highway 321 and ends at Shaw Ferry Road. The scope involves reconstruction of a two-lane roadway from 18 feet to 26 feet with curb and gutter including stormwater drainage system, constructing left turn lane, retaining wall and addition of sidewalks. CCI services include:

• Material testing and inspection per TDOT standards
• Provide monthly construction report
• Review contractor’s monthly pay applications and provide engineer’s estimate (Form 9-5)
• Prepare and coordinate project close-out documents
• Assist with utility conflict relocation coordination
• Lead progress meetings
• Lead stakeholders/ public meetings

This is a Surface Transportation Program (STP) Project and adheres to guidelines and requirements of the TDOT Local Programs.


Lenoir City, TN




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