Flood Studies

As communities grow, there is the ever-present reality that areas which had never seen floodwaters before, could be impacted by this powerful force of nature. In the midst of assessing the potential risk along a given waterway, an acronym comes to the forefront for both public officials and Consulting Engineers: the HEC-RAS analysis.

HEC-RAS studies allow Engineers to calculate the flood risk created by new construction projects and provide design solutions that mitigate that risk.

Cannon & Cannon performs HEC-RAS modeling for numerous private and local governments. This modeling helps determine the extent of potential impacts to FEMA-studied watersheds, facilitating designs conforming with a community’s Federal Flood Insurance Program and which minimally impact stream flows.

CCI provides Hydraulic Analysis, preparation of a No-Rise Certification Packages, Stormwater Quality Permitting, FEMA Letter of Map Revisions and Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Plan.

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