Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI)

Cannon & Cannon operates a full-time field management team for all Construction Phase Services.

Misplacement of erosion control devices, poor slumping of concrete, incorrect depth of stone bedding, wrong materials, errant installations, etc. could prove ineffective, if not disastrous. It is important that nothing is overlooked. Inspectors help to see beyond the obvious. They recognize potential problem areas and suggest preventative actions that, in the end, save time, expedite construction, and deter conflicts. Construction engineering and inspections are valuable assets that offer convenient resources and diligent attention.

CCI provides CEI Services in general accordance with local and state guidelines. Our staff receive regular training to gain and maintain required inspection certifications.

Construction Phase Services

Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI)
Construction Administration (CA)
Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control (EPSC) Inspection

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